3 lottery winning tips to get the most out of LottoPredict this week


Charlene and Orest Gulka of Nanaimo won $2.7 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Eighteen years later they won $1 million from the 649 again, but wins like this can never be guaranteed. Photo: BCLC

My exclusive LottoPredict is the only service of its kind anywhere.

That makes it very special.

I designed LottoPredict to be easy to use and understand (in just a matter of seconds you know how best you should be playing the next game), and low cost as little as $6.60 a month.

But here are some parts that may need a little more explaining to get the most out of it.

Read over these 3 tips to see whether you’re doing everything right:

1. Play the right game. You could be wasting your money by playing the wrong game. The Silver Lotto System works the way it does because it vastly lowers the odds of losing, but how do you know which is the best game to play

Games with large jackpots also have the lowest winning odds.

At the right-hand column of your LottoPredict chart is a number of stars. One star shows that the odds of winning are poor, three stars means good. In most parts of the world you have a choice of games.

The best way is to chose the highest star rating you can from the games you can play. That may mean a lower jackpot… the big jackpot games can only offer large prizes because the odds of winning them are way out of reach.

But the chances of winning the smaller jackpots is increased for you.

The added benefit is that fewer players choose the low jackpot games, meaning you get less competition for a share of your prize.

If you don’t want to play the small jackpot games, then you must use PRO Custom Profiles.

2. Play the right section. If you have the Silver Lotto System only, then use the Red/Green squares only. If you have PRO Custom Profiles, then ONLY use the PRO columns. Some players are not clear on that – they buy PRO and use the Red/Green squares and wonder why they’re not getting results.

3. The ‘Min $’ column is a guide only. It tells you how much to play as a minimum. It doesn’t take into account that some tickets may be twice as expensive as others.

But I put it there mainly to make players understand that a single $2 or $5 ticket will NOT get you winning quickly, and that you should put more tickets into the game.

I’ve just finished the coming week’s LottoPredict and you’re now ready to put it into practice. But I want to add a small disclaimer before you set out this week into the lottery unknown.

My System and its other two parts – LottoPredict and PRO – are by far the best way I’ve found to improve your game’s win rate.

But they’re not a guarantee. No-one can guarantee a lottery win, and if they do, then run the other way.

Our $22.2 Million winner is not a guarantee that you will have the same success – but you’ll do better than any other system I know.

I believe my System is the best guide when used according to my directions. But if you want a guaranteed income then you’d be better off getting into blue-chip investing and spend the next 40 years waiting for your profits.

The lottery IS a game of chance, but if you realize that and play according to my instructions, you’re using the biggest method of getting a massive payout in your whole life with my System. It’s something that you’ll never ever achieve in any other way, in either a job or business.

That’s why you’re here, and why I endorse my System. In a world of uncertainty, the Silver Lotto System represents the most positive answer to getting the biggest lump sum of any method in the world.

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