6 activities to do when not on Zoom

It seems like nowadays, we are zombies on our computers. We spend our weekdays glued to a screen, headphones on and logging into video meetings.

Spending time on screens can be draining. When it’s time to take a break or you have some free time, take advantage of it. See it as an opportunity to put away the computer and try a new activity.

Check out this list of fun things to do when Zoom classes are not in session:

Movie night

Invite someone over for a movie night. If living in a dorm, stick to inviting people only from your hall. Movie night is a fun activity that makes a great conversation starter. Break out the snacks and decide what to watch. Need inspiration? You can’t go wrong with a coming-of-age movie; see our full list and here.

Get crafty

Crafting is the perfect stress reliever. It gives your brain a break and allows creativity to flow. Use items you already have handy or order supplies to be delivered from Amazon. Spice up your dorm with DIY decors like a tassel garland or pom garland. Try your hand at the art of paper folding with origami. Fold a fidget toy or keep it simple with a classic paper crane.

Play a new game

Put down the phone and go old school by playing games. A deck of cards goes a long way. Here is an ultimate list of card games to fit any amount of players. If you don’t have a deck of cards handy, here are fun games that require no supplies.

Study session

Sometimes it feels like studying never ends. Break up the monotony by bringing homework outside your dorm. Pack your backpack and head to the library or College Green on a nice day. Or try one of Athens’s local coffee shops like Donkey Coffee, Court Street Coffee, or Brenen’s Coffee Cafe. When studying, a change of scenery can do wonders. It brings benefits like improved focus, productivity and boosts your overall mental health.

Go to lunch with a new friend

Food makes for the best ice breaker. Meet up with that Zoom classmate or hall neighbor for lunch. Athens is home to stellar local restaurants like Union Street Diner, Bagel Street Deli and Ginger. Take a walk Uptown and explore all the options; you can’t go wrong wherever you pick.

Go to the gym

Exercising relieves stress, improves overall health and allows better sleep. So, get up and get moving at Ping Recreation Center. Ping has a variety of cardio and weight lifting equipment to choose from. If you’re not comfortable going to the gym due to COVID-19, do a virtual workout. Check out our list of virtual workouts for some creative ideas.


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