a new victory for minorities in Hawaii and for the nation

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This very nice looking young man has made history in Hawaii. He won by 63 percent of the vote, a position on the State Legislature. But the important part, and reason that it is such exceptionally good news is who he ran against and defended. His opponent was a “Proud Boy”. The Proud Boys, as we know, are a subgroup of the fairly recently brought to the foreground White Nationalist movement who spout racist and homophobic rhetoric in their efforts to do what I am not sure.

The Proud Boys are part of the group that Biden is trying to suggest, or seems to be, that I should not consider the enemy. However, as they currently behave, that is not likely to be an easy task. I am a human being and when I know a group would destroy me, or at least my rights as an American citizen if they can, I have a very very hard time not seeing them as the enemy. Unfortunately, the administration in
Washington has given their tacit approval to such groups for the last 4 years which is why I celebrate the blue wave that has gotten Biden the majority of the vote even in some previously red states. But Biden certainly has his work cut out for him to bring this country back from the edge of the abyss.

The fact of the matter is that who someone sleeps with or the color of their skin should have nothing to do with whether they are qualified to do a job. However, in a society where LGBTQ persons and brown people are often extended only second class citizenship, still, in 2020, any victory by someone that qualifies is going to attract my attention and admiration, especially if it comes with such a clear alternative as this victory came.

Many seem to think that their religious and social prejudices should be the law of the law, and yet, in a secular society neither should have ascendances. If America is indeed the home of the free and the land of the brave and we all are “created equal” then that applies to everybody not just white heterosexuals.

If we can all learn to mind our own business, things would get immeasurably better. I have never in my life suggested that a woman should be required to have an abortion after so many children. I say that despite the fact that I think anybody who has more than two children is contributing to the already overwhelmingly large population of our congested planet. At least not seriously or in the way of expecting it to be the law of the land. I believe in Religious freedom meaning that everybody has the right to believe and practice their faith in their personal lives. That includes people who believe abortion is an answer to their personal situation…I think even Biden, as a Catholic, would agree it is not his place or his Churches’ place to force their values on the whole nation.

The only I object to is when they try, as the conservative Christians often do, to impose their version of religious belief on the rest of the nation. And above all that, when it interferes with human rights for LGBTQ or darker-hued persons, I call foul and always will.

So, I celebrate the election of this beautiful brown-skinned Gay young man to a position on the State Legislature of Hawaii and consider it a sign that there is still hope of saving our great country from the abyss of racism and bigotry.


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