AGSW 2021 Bingo – 1 Digital BINGO QUEEN Board – Thurs, 21st 6PM

Help raise funds for AspenOUT and support LGBTQ+ Nationwide Charities throughout the year!

• ONLY 1 board can be played digitally at a time
• If you would like to play multiple boards, you can either print or draw out your card and physically play all cards
• 1 card gains you access to play the Thursday, January 21st at 6PM MT LIVE Bingo Game
• You can digitally switch out your board at the end of a game to any other card you purchase
• Max 3 cards for purchase per user (there will only be 3 rounds of bingo played)
• You have the option to swap out boards or keep playing with the same board for 3 rounds
• We recommend playing on a laptop or desktop computer as with smaller mobile phone screens, the livestream will take over your entire screen.
• Cards and full instructions will be emailed out to you on the morning of January 21st.

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