Alone AP Play: Questions and things to think about?

It seems to me that when you are playing alone, as an AP, you are still dealing with the same issues that non-ap players face:

• As time goes on, you get tired and may make mistakes, so you are limiting your hours per day.

• You still may have a win goal, as well as loss limit, for that session/day. Yes, you are still going to play your million hands over time, but if you are just dropping cash to a bad luck day, you can either grind it out and keep losing, or cut your loss and move on. If it’s running good and you are having great luck in positive EV, go as long as you can til the heat gets there.

• Depending on your bankroll, you could wind up in ruin. So limiting your loss is going to be a big part of your play.

My thoughts here is that while AP play is about getting the most hands in, the end goal is to STILL win money. Hypothetically, there is no guarantee if you play a million hands it will work out positive, but there is an assumption that at a million hands you have overcome enough variance to end positive.

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