Among Us: Mr Beast Uses the “Sub War” Card After Killing PewDiePie

Among Us has become a surprising addition to the roster of games that rose to huge popularity this year. Quite similar to the party game ‘werewolf/mafia’, this simple multiplayer title enables friends to engage in such games virtually. As a result, this game rose to huge popularity during the pandemic situation where the majority of the human population was trapped in their own homes with nothing but video games to keep them company.

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The game witnessed crossovers like never before. PewDiePie, MrBeast, Valkyrae, CorpseHusband, and many other famous streamers joined in to play the game together. Rapper turned streamer, Logic joined them in the stream as well. As the community would expect, it was one of the funniest sessions in recent times, not to mention that the stream got a huge reach.

“I helped PewDiePie win the sub war, why would I kill him?”- MrBeast in Among Us

Pewds declared that he was playing Among Us after a long time and that he had possibly forgotten how to play it in the first place. However, the match soon picked up the pace as it got tougher to figure out who the impostor was. Things got hilarious when everyone started ganging up on MrBeast. He happened to be around when the impostor killed PewDiePie in the second match. Of course, he became the center of everyone’s suspicion.

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But MrBeast kept trying to prove his innocence, and when he saw no other way, he pulled this card: “I helped Pewdiepie win the sub war, why would I kill him?

To this, Pewds replied saying, “Shameless… He pulled the f—ing sub card. Unbelievable.”

The sub war that MrBeast was talking about is the unforgettable T-Series vs. PewDiePie incident. Beast had shown Pewds huge support during the whole fiasco. Beast has been a Pewds fan for a long time, too.

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