Are you desperate to win a lottery prize? Here's 3 things you should do today


Winner Chris Hoffman had a feeling he would win the Maryland Lottery prize back in 2010. Photo.

Some of us play only when we need the win badly. The rent’s due, the car’s given up, the bank is empty.

Or we simply are sick and tired of living hand to mouth. We wish we had what everyone else takes for granted… a dinner out occasionally, a trip away, maybe a night at a plush hotel.

When we’re at our lowest point, it’s important to be careful. That’s when mistakes happen.

Here are 3 tips that will help you get out of your problem:

1- Don’t buy another lottery system.

Most of them are pure bunkum. I haven’t found a single one that pays out on its promises. And if you think I’m saying that to promote my own product, I’ll let you into a secret…

I’m often approached by promoters of other lotto systems to do a JV. That’s Joint Venture in marketing speak, and it involves them selling my product – but only if I sell theirs. So I did this once for a while many years back, but got nowhere.

Just got a lot of complaints that their system didn’t work, or it was overpriced. So I don’t do those any longer. There is none better than my own, proven since 1991.

2- Don’t leave your regular store for a ‘lucky’ store.

There’s no such thing… a store which advertises itself as lucky simply has more players through its door than anywhere else. Like everything in the lottery, it’s a numbers game. That means your winning number combo could be anywhere on the planet, waiting for you to play at the right time.

3- Don’t bet the farm.

Even if I tell you that you should spend as much as you can on tickets, use your own discretion. If buying tickets will cause you some financial bother, don’t do it. The reason is simple… there’s a million-dollar win with your name on it every game! If you miss out this week, next week is good also.

The universe doesn’t have a law whereby your winning ticket is x games away, and if you don’t buy then you’re lost for good. No, the simple rules of chance and luck mean that you have an equal chance this week, next month, or next year.

Hang on to your money and listen to what your heart tells you.

One of our $1 million jackpot winners said yesterday that she earlier had a premonition about winning. Maybe you will get that little shiver down your spine too. Then it will happen for you.

Ken, OK i tried many other lotto programs and they all stank. i piled money in and got nothing back. So i tried yours. Then last week I got $77,000. wow!!!! I never had that much money in my life its like 2 years wages all at one time. First thing I did was to get my cards paid of. Then I treated my G/F and family out. Thanks!!! John N

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