Beautiful Decor – Review of Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Unreliable Wi-Fi, cheap and bad-smelling hand soap, toilet makes a loud send unless you flush it in just the right way. The elevators are so bad they probably need their own review – some are smelly, have missing buttons, others have the panels that are apparently out of place as you can actually see the inside of the elevator shaft, and many of them have the doors close so fast that some elderly people may have difficulty reaching them in time. The MGM app often malfunctions, which is something to consider if you intend to use it as your room key – you just have to keep trying and pray it grants you access. The casino floor is nice, but there’s an abundance of poor signage – was the idea to have this as difficult to navigate as an actual Pyramid in Egypt? Kudos to the staff, all courteous and professional.

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