BetConstruct Launch Live Casino Game Pai Gow Poker

BetConstruct has announced the launch of a new Live Casino game, Pai Gow Poker, in order to maximise option and player lifetime value for its partners.

Pai Gow is an ideal slow-paced game specifically tailored to the business needs of operators and the entertainment of their players.

Said BetConstruct, this new version of Pai Gow “evokes the feeling and impression of the original Chinese game.” Other benefits of the game include low house edge and low volatility, as well as the slow speed of play.

In a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere, an infinite number of players around the world can participate in the game and connect with each other. All they have to do is beat the banker and enjoy the advantages of the match.

The recent addition of Pai Gow to the diverse gaming portfolio of BetConstruct is aimed at adding to the earnings of operators owning live casino businesses and giving them substantial opportunities for revenue growth and long-term success.

Pai Gow Poker is now live on the websites of the partner operators of BetConstruct, providing an extra level of entertainment for their players.

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