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  1. I LOVE playing Bingo. I’m staying at Paris in August but I’m not renting a car. Where’s the closest place to play Bingo if you’re on the strip? I used to play alllll the time when I lived there and would love to do it again when I visit. ☺️

  2. The Gold Coast seems to be offering Bingo currently, and it’s right across the 15 on Flamingo – maybe walkable, but I would just jump on the 202 bus :)

    Delayed Trip + B’Day + QQQQ + Cal + Flamingo + more 4Q = !?!?!?!

  3. Palace Station is where I’d head.

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  4. Yes, a bit further away, but it does seem to be popular :)

    Delayed Trip + B’Day + QQQQ + Cal + Flamingo + more 4Q = !?!?!?!

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