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Because i have written ‘politely’ for over a year and a half, patience does run out you know.

Yeah karl, we both know its in the hands of Curacao at this moment, but it would be NICE of YOU to at least send an email requesting an outcome of the case, as i’m sure bitcasino and her licensor go along well

Kind regards,


I don’t get the taunting of the casino, what can you attain from such behavior? Will they eventually forfeit and say that they shall pay you a purse so that you can leave them be? That can’t happen could it? I mean what would stop the next chump who wants money to come here and bother people forever until they get paid as well? That is why they are moving this into official hands that are responsible for handling such tasks and you are still here trying to get some noise out of them for no apparent reason that would benefit anyone in the slightest.

Please do behave and try to contact people either from emails or just better yet take it up with the courts like a proper citizen would do and wait for their response, writing here only meddles with their marketing and quite frankly bores me with the same repetitive messages.

I guess the logical step would be to get it quicker settled by talking. Like not giving it up or anything but more like talking. Who knows maybe there is a middle ground where casino and complainer has a thing in common they can agree on that could stop this forever?

I mean we wouldn’t know without them sitting down and talking about it, if you sit down and talk about it, you could potentially get it going somewhere that could end all of this. Obviously taunting doesn’t look like that is the goal here but it could have been that if you insist on talking with the casino in a polite manner without getting too angry, if you are just annoying them, they wouldn’t respond and just let the courts handle it anyway. Plus, I believe curacao or whatever that place is would never side with the gambler if you ask me, the casino is the place they make the profits from.

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