Buffalo Slots by Aristocrat Becomes Buffalo Bar

Aristocrat Technologies’ Buffalo slot machine has become one of the most iconic of slots. It has a continuously growing rabid player fan base looking to hear that “Buh…fa…loooooooo.” Buffalo Slots is not a just popular, it’s an entire royal family of slots. So, what happens to all these slot machines are brought together? Buffalo Slots by Aristocrat Becomes Buffalo Bar.

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Buffalo Bar at Rampart, Las Vegas. Courtesy Travel Vegas

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Buffalo Bar at Rampart, Las Vegas, NV. Courtesy of Travel Vegas

Creating Slot Machines Without Leased Themes

Popular themes from movies, celebrities and TV shows have found a longer life in different formats. However, beware, these machines are leased and unfortunately have a lower payout % to compensate for the leased name. But that doesn’t stop casinos to provide them because of their popularity. Probably the most popular of these is Wheel of Fortune.

Say It With Me Everyone – “Wheel…Of…Fortune!”

Buffalo Slots by Aristocrat Becomes Buffalo Bar
The old favorite, complete using Double Diamond base game

IGT designed and developed the first Wheel of Fortune slot machine in 1996. The concept of the slot machine was based on the actual TV game show featuring its theme music and sound effects. And let’s not forget that recreated audience saying “Wheel…Of…Fortune.” There are more than 100 variants of the game, from three reels to 3D Video slots. Next year will be the Wheel of Fortune slots 25th anniversary.


Buffalo Slots by Aristocrat Becomes Buffalo Bar

Aristocrat has decided to turn it into a standalone casino resort attraction called the Buffalo Bar. It recently launched at Rampart Casino in Summerlin, Nev. “According to a press release, “The Buffalo Bar offers an all-new experience for players that combines gaming and leisure for locals and visitors alike.”

Buffalo Fans will find the gamut of Buffalo slot machines. You will find player favorites including Buffalo, Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Gold Revolution, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Diamond, and Buffalo Grand.

Buffalo Slots by Aristocrat Becomes Buffalo Bar
Buffalo Diamond

In addition, the bar tops in the Buffalo Bar include the all-new , featuring Buffalo slots, Buffalo Keno, and Video Poker. At Rampart, it is located just off the casino floor and has 1,095 square feet of gaming as well as nine bar seats. The bar even features the signature “Hairy Buffalo” cocktail.  Mmmmmm…….

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Double Diamond – The Granddaddy of In-House Themes

Creating in-house themes, not based on shows, movies or celebrities, into popular slot machines is tricky business. The granddaddy  and most prolific of in-house themes is IGT’s Double Diamond. This famous three reel slot also became Triple Diamond and combo Double & Triple Diamond to name a few.

It could be found in three, four and five reels, as well as one of the first popular video slot machines Double Diamond 2000. Eventually, it became the basis for many other games, including the afore mentioned Wheel of Fortune.

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Playing Winner’s World Multi-Game bar top at Mohegan Sun

Buffalo Slots by Aristocrat Becomes Buffalo Bar
Aristocrat’s new Winner’s World Multi-Game™ bar top cabinet is a revolutionary reinvention of bar top play

Mohegan Sun put a few of the Buffalo bar-tops in both Earth and Sky casinos. If you play video poker mostly made by IGT, you will find the graphics are just different enough to make you uncomfortable at first. The games names are different than the IGT machines, but if you look closely, the games are the same.

Keno is fun, but volatile as would be expected. Buffalo Keno is has some different bonuses that are fun, but it could take long to get them.  All in all, it was fun to play, but give me IGT any day for video poker games.

Aristocrat Technologies – A Giant in the Modern Slot Industry

Aristocrat was born in 1953, in Australia. In 1970, they made history with the release of the world’s first five-reel slot machine. It was the 80’s that Aristocrat made it biggest appearance on the global scene. In 1995, Aristocrat’s ‘Hyperlink Gaming System’  revolutionized the gaming experience and further drove the popularity of Aristocrat product.

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Mr. Cashman Slot Machine

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Mr. Cashman Slot Machine by Aristocrat

Today, you still see Aristocrat machines from the 80’s and 90’s sprinkled around the casino floor. Video slots such as Queen of the Nile, Cashman, and Pompei are on the same casino floors as their latest favorites such as Gold Bonanza, Dragon Link and Lightning Link.

Looking to find a Buffalo Bar in one of our New England casinos. With conditions as they are, it could be a while.




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