Can you play these multi-million dollar lottery games and still win fast?


Winning a major prize like this New Jersey Lottery $86 Million jackpot is what attracts most players to the lottery.

I put up a poll on the Lotto Life blog a while back. It was to find out what games are popular among USA readers.

The results were not unexpected. Because the most popular ones are the games you shouldn’t be playing.

And the least popular games aren’t being played as much as they should be.

The most popular games are Mega Millions (36% play it), and Powerball (gets 28% of players).

And according to LottoPredict, these are 1-star games.

Those are poor odds.

The least played is 3-star Arizona’s The Pick, with only a 3% uptake.

OK, I know a number of players won’t be fairly distributed in this poll, but it brings up an interesting problem.

The majority of players head for the big jackpots. Even though they are the least likely to win.

It is a curious part of human behavior, to go for the unattainable. The lure of big money is irresistible to us all!

So the quick answer to this dilemma was a simple one for me to fix.

I ignored what I thought players SHOULD do and play the high star rated games.

And instead catered for their preference to play the big-money games. (The customer is king!)

I did it by bringing out PRO Custom Profiles for Mega Millions and Powerball.

The Profiles for these games are different to the rest of my System because the odds of winning are higher than the System allows for.

But they are also the best way to succeed you will ever get anywhere.

There are some good things about these games – the secondary prizes.

Even if you don’t get a jackpot, Mega Millions has second-level prizes of $1 million, $10,000, $500, and many thousands of smaller prizes.


The second tier can be as high as $5 million if you use Megaplier, but my System doesn’t have enough stats to calculate that option right now.

Megaplier also puts the odds of winning much higher, so I don’t recommend using it.

So my advice to you is the same as always: Play the higher-rated 3-star games wherever you can.

But if you want to concentrate on the 1 and 2-star games, we have the Profiles to do that.

You need the Silver Lotto System and LottoPredict to buy PRO. You can also get the 3 parts here at a discount.

Once you have those three parts to the lottery puzzle, then start today!

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