Celebrities Who Love Blackjack in Real Life

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Blackjack is a world-famous card game that is played in land-based, as well as online casinos across the world. A few players laud the game for intellectuals, mathematicians, and people who are attracted to beating the house. It is a card game that anyone can take part in.

It is not just mathematics geniuses or card savants that love to play blackjack. There are many celebrities that love to blackjack in different avenues for turning their money into a thrill-inducing experience. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a host of popular celebrities look for an exhilarating experience which one will only find at a blackjack table. This review will tell you about the top celebrities who love to gamble on blackjack.

Matt Damon

While doing research for Rounders, the film that Matt Damon developed his interest in the high-stake and fast-paced world of blackjack. Ben Affleck, his best friend, might have something to do with the fascination that he has developed.

These two friends are regular at a high stake blackjack table at Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos. One of the most infamous gambling experiences that they had was at Hard Rock Casino in Florida. Together they had been able to take almost a million dollars in one night. No doubt, Matt Damon has learned some tips from Ben Affleck but he has also continued to up his game. There is a rumor that he has also gambled using Bitcoin and has made a great profit in the game.

Ben Affleck

The actor loves playing high-stakes casino card games. He is popular for his poker prowess and showed his skill for the game when you won the California Poker Championship. Nevertheless, his love for blackjack is what draws the attention of his fans, particularly when he partners with Matt Damon.

According to reports, Ben Affleck had been asked to leave the blackjack table at the Hard Rock Casino when began winning too much. He had later admitted that he had dedicated a significant amount of time to learn expert blackjack strategy and card counting.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton might not be as popular as she used to be. Nevertheless, this Hollywood socialite is a popular face around the Vegas circuit. She is known to play a hand or two of blackjack.

She has plenty of cash to throw around. Her blackjack skills are insignificant when you compare it to her bankroll. Paris Hilton is a notorious party girl who frequents Atlantic City and Vegas. She is often paid by high-end hotels and casinos to make an appearance at their venue. But whether you believe it not, this celebrity is quite good at blackjack and has won $50,000 last year.

50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent is an American rapper who has now turned into an entrepreneur. 50 Cent is popular for his music and has been shot at and arrested several times. After the launch of his musical career, 50 Cent used his fame for growing his wealth and invested in everything he could. He is one of the wealthiest figures in American. Hence, it isn’t surprising that he spends a significant amount of time splitting aces at all high end casinos across the globe.

According to him, the game is only worth playing if you have a lot to win or lose. He is known to bet $70,000 in just a single setting. 50 Cent’s love for this game is evident in his recent app release 50 Cent Blackjack.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods had been the most prolific golfer before his fall from grace because of his personal affairs. His powers extend out of the golf course and it is known that he enjoys playing high-stake blackjack games. He frequents MGM Grand Resort and Bellagio where he gets VIP treatment. It is rumored that he hovers around the mark of $4 million.

Don Jonson

If you have watched Miami Vice, you might surely remember Don Johnson where he used to play the role of Sonny Crocket, the undercover detective. Following the show, he didn’t garner much attention from the on-screen projects. However, this does not mean that you should feel pity for him. This is because he has raked in big fortune from his gambling ventures, particularly concerning his favorite, blackjack. When it comes to this game, he is a certified winner.

As per some reports, he has won more than $15 million dollar at Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino. His name should be included in the Blackjack Hall of Fame for his successful blackjack exploits, considering he has even won a major TV award for his performance behind the lens.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is known to be the bad boy of the family. His headline grabbing deeds include dressing up as The Great Hitler for a fancy dress event or taking part in strip billiards in a hotel. In general, he can be said to be rather thoughtless. No matter where he goes, he attracts followers. He has a great popularity among the ladies.

But Prince Harry is known to be a fan of the Blackjack game. Once he had been spotted at Las Vegas’s Win Casino. He had been plied with drinks. Often, this is the case. When he was intoxicated, he lost several hundred dollars in the blackjack game within a short period of time.

This surely would not look good for the royal family if he was seen gambling money that he cannot afford to gamble. However, there have been rumors that when he is away from the nosey onlookers and playing in the private VIP rooms, he tends to take things up a notch.

Michael Jordan

Apart from being a great basketball player, Michael Jordan is also a great blackjack player. He is known to have won and lost several games. Jordan is also gambled away on poker, craps, and more. Sports betting are something that he loves but if he drops in at a casino, the game that he tries his hands on is blackjack.

Author: Oliver Neuman

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