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Coin Master Tip News: All daily bonuses, our guide

Coin Master is a management game in which the Moon Active studio is available for iOS and Android. The aim is to raise as much money as possible to build your city, but also to strengthen it and protect it from attack. other players. As with all mobile games, with Coin Master you will come back every day for bonuses that will make it easier for you to access resources. Today we are offering you all the bonuses you can collect today in our Coin Master Guide.


If you have linked your Coin Master profile to your Facebook account, you will receive 50 free roulette spins once, with which you can collect money and thus resources for your city. Clicking on this link can also get you a few more spins of the wheel, enough to make a little extra cash. This method only works once a day and may not work from the link above. So you have to go through the app to get the bonus.

The other bonuses

If you sponsor friends to play Coin Master by placing a link on your favorite social network: Discord, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or What’s App, you can get around 30 free roulette spins per click on your sponsorship link. If you wait 60 minutes, you can take advantage of 5 free roulette spins to renew your wallet.

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