eSports Betting: League of Legends LEC Games for Jan. 29th’s top eSports betting picks of the week focus on the 2021 League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Spring fixtures slated for Friday, January 29. Here are our best bets and odds for three European LoL matches. Let’s jump right into action so you can bet against their League of Legends odds.

Top League of Legends LEC Betting Picks of the Week

MAD Lions Vs Excel – Friday, January 29 – 18:00 CET

MAD Lions and Excel Esports will clash in the opening match of the day, in what promises to be an exciting bout between two mid-table teams. Both teams have managed only one win from the first week of the competition, however, we were far more impressed with Excel, largely because they had to face significantly stronger sides.

Excel started their 2021 LEC Spring campaign with a loss against Rogue, to which they added a somewhat lucky victory against Schalke 04 and ended Week 1 with a loss against the reigning LEC champions G2 Esports. MAD Lions, on the other side, took down Astralis but were far less impressive in their bouts with Misfits Gaming and G2.

Considering MAD Lions managed to beat only Astralis, but severely struggled against Misfits and G2, it’s only fair to rank them as one of the bottom three teams in the league. That said, this team has the pieces to perform much better, but as of now, it seems like they’re still looking to build up the needed synergy with their newest signings in the top laner İrfan Berk “Armut” Tükek and jungler Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla.

That is not to say Excel are looking particularly clean, but there are other parts of their game that have left quite a positive impression. Excel arguably have one of the best drafts in the league and we must give them some praise for their composed and organized approach to games.

Excel might fall behind, but unlike most other teams, they don’t panic and instead search for ways to slowly close the gap. Their mindset alone is enough for us to favor Excel and if we also consider how chaotic MAD Lions have looked in their recent bouts, it’s only reasonable to take Excel for this bout.

Prediction: Excel to win

G2 Esports Vs Astralis – Friday, January 29 – 20:00 CET

G2 have yet to lose a game, but we were not particularly impressed by the way they got to their wins. On one side, they deserve some criticism for their tendency to fall behind in the early game, but then again, they deserve some praise for their ability to turn their games around. We won’t lose too many words on how G2 play their games, as they simply do “G2 things”, which usually end in their favor.

Astralis enter Week 2 of LEC Spring with a 1-2 record, which includes losses against SK Gaming and MAD Lions, and a narrow victory over Team Vitality. It’s worth noting that the only game Astralis managed to win was a complete “clown fiesta” and it was not so much Astralis winning rather than Vitality losing.

Astralis have yet to show anything that would make us trust them to make any serious noise this season and while we were not impressed with the quality of G2’s performances either, we are holding them at a much higher standard. G2 might have had their moments of weakness and somewhat questionable drafts, but the quality gap here is too big for us to side against them.

Prediction: G2 Esports -10.5 kills

Misfits Gaming Vs Rogue – Friday, January 29 – 21:00 CET

Outside of G2 Esports, Rogue look like the strongest team in the league, however, it’s still very early into the 2021 season, so we should not overreact to their perfect 3-0 record. Misfits, on the other side, are a team that is incredibly difficult to figure out and their recent performances don’t help the cause either.

Misfits can easily be regarded as one of the weakest teams in the league, but also one of the top-five teams. That is largely because most of their veteran players have very volatile showings, where they can dominate one day and fall flat the next. And much of the same holds true for their rookies.

Even though Misfits have a very high ceiling, they are a bit too inconsistent and disorganized for us to consider siding with them. Instead, it’s the over/under kill market that appeals to us.

Rogue are generally not a very aggressive team, however, they can quickly adapt to a more fast-paced playstyle when faced with an attacking-minded opponent. That was most obvious in their bout with Fnatic, where Rogue secured 24 kills which was significantly higher than their previous two games against more slow-paced squads in Excel (11 kills) and SK Gaming (14 kills).

Misfits average the second-highest kill count per game (18.7) in the league and are the type of team that will go all-in every chance they get. This will force Rogue to fight fire with fire which should result in a bloody match that just might end with the highest kill count in the 2021 season so far.

Prediction: Over 28.5 kills

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