For people that say blackjack is rigged


Blackjack is extremely rigged. You only have 42% chance of winning, 49.35% chance of losing, and 8.65% chance of tie. Blackjack is clearly RIGGED (this is real stats). There are 3 reasons why blackjack is rigged.

1. Dank memer’s RNG

Dank memer’s RNG makes the player lose more than win. It favors the dealer (dank memer) unlike real life blackjack because dank memer uses rigged number generator (RNG) that favors the dealer (dank memer). THIS IS THE MAIN REASON WHY YOU ALWAYS BUST WHEN YOU HIT AT 12, AND LOSE WHEN YOU STAND AT 20.

2. Unfair aces

I’ve seen a lot of posts in this subreddit that shows how dank memer cheats with aces. Dank memer decides whether the ace value is 1 or 11. And dank memer chooses 11 when the player will bust.

3. Not having the option to double down or split

Dank memer’s blackjack has no option to double down or split unlike in most casinos. And that puts the player into a disadvantage. This is why getting two 8’s (total 16) or getting two A’s suck.

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