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Olympian Bode Miller Launches Ski Analytics App SKEO


Andrew Cohen

December 1, 2020

Retired ski racing star Bode Miller has partnered with Switzerland-based startup Snowcookie Sports to launch SKEO, a performance analytics platform for skiers.

The SKEO mobile app is free to download and tracks data when a user keeps their smartphone in their pocket while skiing. Metrics tracked include maximum speed, average speed, distance, and time spent in turns. A proprietary ranking system in the app will rank users against each other based on performance data.

“Our ultimate goal is to deliver cutting-edge technology that not only educates skiers on their technique, but also inspires them to level-up if they’re eager to improve,” Miller, a six-time Olympic medalist for Team USA, said in a statement.

For more advanced tracking, users can purchase sensors built by Snowcookie. One sensor is worn on the body and two others are clipped on each ski. The sensors allow the SKEO app to provide feedback on a skier’s lateral balance, hip angulation, torso rotation, and forward/backward lean.

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