Here's why the odds of winning the lottery are so good for you


You’ve heard it time and time again.. Everyone from newsreaders to the guy next door, all saying “no-one can win the lottery and it’s useless even trying.” They point out the huge odds – 1 in many millions – that players need to win.

You can bet none of them have heard of my System. And I wonder if any of the many thousands of Silver Lotto System winners around the world say the same thing?

There are more off-the-planet comments from these unbelievers, like this one: “Millions of people play lotto, so it’s impossible to win.”

Maybe that’s true for the average player.

But not for you, a Silverite (Silver Lotto System owner), because you have a huge advantage. It’s been proved thousands of times over by many of my successful players.

I don’t need to go over that again – just check out the many testimonials on my website.

The fact is, Silverites have an enormous advantage – possibly more than 99% of the total lotto population – when they use the Silver Lotto System.

This is not a figure I’ve made up.

It’s pure fact, calculated by the odds that are increased by my system and multiplied by the number of players using it.

When you read the simple instructions you’ll get an idea of how my System works, but there is far more to the success mechanism than you think.

It is a powerful computation that propels your tickets to the top of the list where 1% of the potential winners hang out.

After that, luck and likelihood will get you all the prizes you want:


Dear KEN, …Last Saturday i was one of the lucky winners – we shared the big jack (pot) … 6 provisional winners of $537396.59 each (Total $3,224,379.00) and we are one of the 6. 

Regards Maher M. qal*****

Ken, …recently won $500.00 with your system, a few weeks ago and $50,000.00 on Jan. 11… 

Jeff W. wes**** —

Hi Ken, I just wanted to write and let you know that after purchasing your lotto system I have entered the XLotto here in Australia 6 times and 5 out of the 6 I have won prizes, they may not have been the big one but they were wins, something that didn’t happen when I used to get the easypick. The newsagent can’t believe it when go in each time to get my winnings. I know only time will give me the big one and using your system will help me do that. Thanks again its an amazing system. 

Sandi M


Ken, i won on 6/49 couple weeks ago 4/6 and won again 5/6 for 5136.00 in three weeks have had your program for two years but haven’t stopped winning from 10$ to 20$ to 82.50$ and so on. all the best and good luck to all. Just believe. 

r mc ardle —

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