How crazy Jeremy beat the system and how lottery players can copy his success


I enlisted in my country’s air force several decades ago. In fact, I celebrated my 21st birthday on my recruit course.

I was one of an elite group of a couple of dozen official air force photographers who did ground and aerial photography all over the country – and occasionally overseas.

I learned many things in my 10 years in that role, but one of the most interesting involved crazy Jeremy.

Let me explain…

Before I got married, I lived on the airforce base. We were a pretty social lot. There was always something going on, and we had a lot of fun. Except for one person – Jeremy.

For over two years Jeremy stayed in his barrack room and didn’t socialize after hours. When he did emerge it was to buy a cup of coffee at the canteen, and then disappear again.

For a full two years we saw very little of him while we partied and traveled. We thought he was crazy.

A Ford Escort like the car Jeremy bought.

Until one morning we saw him drive to work in a brand new Ford Escort car – and we finally knew why he was so anti-social.

For all that time, Jeremy had been saving his wages. He spent not a penny more than he needed to live. Month after month he existed on a few dollars a week for essentials, and put the rest into savings for the car.

For over two years!

And so he was the proud owner of a brand new imported automobile, while most of us had old, secondhand forms of transport – if at all (I had a vintage motorbike).

We were very jealous. He obviously had a strong will, strong focus and a strong goal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a very rich person, some 30 years on today.

It’s common knowledge that like Jeremy, rich people have two traits that make them successful…

  1. The first is that they are very focused. They don’t let anything get in their way, and they know what they want.

  2. The second trait is they take action. When the pathway to success is made clear to them, they spring into action.

 As lottery players, we can learn quite a lot from both Jeremy and the rich.

Do you have the ability to focus for a long period of time without giving up? This is essential in lotto, when the winnings can be a few weeks away, or even longer.

Having the strength of character to persist, to focus, and then to carry on when winnings are low is one of the traits that will eventually bring you success.

The second part is to take action. Action drives out indecision. Action with a focus is a very powerful force.

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