How Poker Brands Can Conquer the World

Hello, and thank you for reading. I do not have perfect information with regards to your infrastructure, but, regardless, the system proposed herein should, in theory, succeed in any industry, based on the strength of the formula.

Here’s how:

1. An unprecedented amount of popular/influential poker brands must unite and produce events/content under a “unified banner”, following a specific, singular vision

2. Events/content must be produced with the primary focus being to appeal to casual consumers of pop culture

3. The goal is to produce content which can transcend poker, and present itself as something immediately recognizable, accessible, and appealing to casual consumers of any mainstream sphere of pop culture, totally unrelated to poker

3 steps. And that’s it

How to do it:

Break these elements down to the “most common denominator”. That equates to: a musical production.

The poker events are presented as a musical production foremost. What is it? It’s a show. There will be a story told through music. This is a universal concept that all consumers, everywhere, can understand.

This format can easily be applied to the promotion of poker culture. Simply plug in the most talented emcees, commentators, and competitors, backed by truly world-class live music accompaniment, and you’ve done it.

You roll out a poker game as if it’s the highest class of popular entertainment. Each major personality would be introduced with their own grand theme song. Every segment of the production would feature the appropriate backing music.


So there it is. I propose to you, that if you were to carry out this formula, that you would reach the pinnacle of awareness and celebration in all of pop culture. What is the precise, best methodology to execute such a concept? What style of music, specifically, would work best? Maybe somebody out there, somewhere, has that worked out already. Who knows?

And this is how the poker industry can conquer the world. Thanks again. Have a great day?

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