How to Get The Free Open Wheel Racing Vehicles in GTA Online

Players can unlock an Open Wheel Racing Vehicle for free in GTA OnlineThis guide will help players unlock this free vehicle. GTA Online has transcended beyond what Rockstar Games initially had in mind for it. With the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS3, the online game world of Los Santos has grown so substantially since its debut. The game is even planned to have a port for the upcoming PS5. While players were disappointed to find that GTA6 wasn’t the new announcement, GTA Online has more to offer for the world. Here’s how players can collect the Open Wheel Racing Vehicle for free in GTA Online.

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Open Wheel Racing was introduced into the world of GTA Online was a motorsport racing event. Players were able to ride inside of legitimate race cars on giant race tracks against other players. These were amongst the fastest vehicles in the game and players were able to use them in Los Santos, outside of the racetrack. Although, these are amongst the most expensive cars in the game. The PR4 Formula Car itself sells for a hefty $3,515,000 out of the player’s wallet. Here’s how players can get this vehicle for free.

How To Get The Open Wheel Racing Vehicle Free in GTA Online

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Players can get the PR4 for free when in the Diamond Casino. While in the Diamond Casino, players can participate in a variety of gambling games like Blackjack and Roulette. One of the best games in the Diamond Casino is the roulette wheel. Players can participate by spinning the wheel once per day and obtain a free prize. Prizes range from money, RP, casino chips, and a high-value vehicle. The big prize for the prize wheel alternates fairly often. The player has the option to spin the prize wheel once per day. With 20 different prizes on the wheel, the player can receive bonuses like money or game chips to use at the casino. This means the player has a 5% chance of winning the PR4 Formula Car. To increase these chances, come into the casino every day and spin the wheel for a chance to win. Players can also have a chance to unlock a vehicle discount which players can use to purchase the PR4 Formula Car.

GTA Online allows players to live out their power fantasies in a safe environment. The PC version of the game has custom mods and servers that players can be invited to. The most exclusive servers for GTA Online are made for roleplaying. A new port is in development for Grand Theft Auto 5 that will be available for the PS5 next year, showing that this game is so popular, it has transcended between 3 console generations. The Open Wheel Racing Vehicle is just a small part of the world of Los Santos has to offer.

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GTA Online is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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