IGT S2000 Red, White & Blue Slot Machine

S2000 Red, White & Blue Slot machine. This is a 2 coin game. This machine has Coin handling, and is setup to run Quarter or tokens. Also has a working bill acceptor that takes all current US money, $1-$100 bills. Machine was just shopped out, was completely taken apart and cleaned. All new light bulbs, new battery. Cabinet color is off white or cream color. The glass and chrome have a few scratches. Comes with door locks, reset key, and a CD manual. Priced at $700. It’s becoming very hard to find this model with coin handling. Most being sold are setup for only paper money in, ticket out, but this game is setup old school, coins in coins out. Your winning build up in the credit window. Please call 586-909-245seven, or email me through Craigslist. I do back my machines with a warranty, and offer phone support. I still have a couple stands for sale too..

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