It’s both funny and sad at the same time…

Was doing a quick walk through one of my favorite local casinos when I heard someone talking about the Gaming Commission. Realized as I walked by that he was talking to himself, as he used his phone to record his play on a slot machine, about how it was not paying out at all after all the money he placed in it and that he was going to submit this video evidence to the GC that foul play was suspected of the casino.

This reminded me also of the time about a year ago, only 200 feet away at the bar of same casino, that a regular was yelling at the bartender to get a GC rep out there b/c he had been at the same video poker machine for over 2 hours and had yet to hit a four of a kind. Bartender was taken aback when he realized dude was serious. GC actually game out of a back room to take down a guy’s complaints that the machine was rigged in favor of the house unfairly b/c it was “statistically impossible” for him to not have hit a four of a kind at the same machine for ‘x’ amount of hours.

Sorry for the rant, but I just had to share these two experiences b/c I both laughed and died on the inside when witnessing these situations on a gaming floor.

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