Las Vegas Casino Restrictions Thru January 15th

The 25% capacity limits set as Las Vegas casino restrictions have now been extended by Governor Steve Sisolak. Originally set to expire in a few days, the new date is January 15th… but don’t count on that date either just yet.

On a positive not, the Governor did not announce any additional restrictions. However, he did add that Nevada has continued to see increased COVID-19 hospitalizations. There were 1,700 Nevadans in hospitals due to Coronavirus as of last Friday.

“I know the mitigation restrictions in place under the current ‘pause’ are devastating to many Nevadans who just want to go back to ‘normal,’” Sisolak said. “Who are worried about their jobs, their businesses, keeping their homes, and getting their kids back to school.”

As he did at the start of the current restrictions, Sisolak again warned he would have to take “tougher actions” if the COVID-19 trends do not improve through January 15. You can read more about the Las Vegas casino restrictions at Fox 5 Vegas.

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