Most in Japan Are Pushing to Cancel the 2021 Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympics With Tokyo City Background

  • The 2021 Summer Olympics are set to begin on July 23 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Members of the IOC are still deciding whether or not to allow fans at the event.
  • 80% of those polled in Japan are now pushing to cancel the 2021 Olympic Games.

This year’s Summer Olympic Games are officially scheduled to begin in just over six months. Unfortunately, there are still a huge number of problems coming up before the event begins. New reports show that the vast majority of residents in Japan are calling to cancel the 2021 Olympic Games.

It’s not much of a surprise when considering how difficult it has been to get this event to take place. The organizers of the Summer Olympic have to be displeased to see so many individuals pushing against it, though. Now is a great time to discuss some of the biggest issues these organizers are still facing.

Let’s get into it!

Will Fans be Allowed to Attend the Olympic Games?

The Summer Olympics are one of the most anticipated events that take place every four years. Normally, millions of people from around the world flock to the host city to watch the event unfold. This results in a massive surge in revenue for host nations.

It’s still unclear if fans will be allowed to attend the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Of course, many fear that doing so is unsafe. It’s easy to see how allowing fans to attend the event could end up in disaster.

Back in November, news came out that the IOC was planning to allow fans. A member of the group told the media that with effective testing, some may be given permission to attend the event. A lot has happened since those comments.

There is now more concern about allowing non-athletes to be involved with the Games. Health care systems around the world are under extreme stress right now. Japan wants to avoid putting its own hospital system under any more stress than it is already facing.

The issue of whether or not to allow fans is a big one. It’s being seriously discussed by the heads of the IOC and members of Japan’s government. It’s possible that we won’t truly have an answer for a few more months.

Many now feel this event is no longer worth putting on. A recent poll sheds light on how many people are now against the idea of holding this massive athletic showcase.

80% of Pollers in Japan Now Want to Cancel the 2021 Olympic Games

Many of the residents in Japan have been unhappy with the way the Olympic Games have been handled. Back in 2020, reports claimed the Japanese government had lost billions due to the postponement of the event. This made even more individuals call for it to be canceled entirely.

As time goes on, these calls have gotten even more intense. Over the weekend, news surfaced that 80% of individuals polled in Japan are now pushing to cancel the 2021 Olympic Games. Many also believe that this event will end up being canceled for one reason or another.

The fact that Japan is now seeing a steady rise in infections certainly doesn’t help. More residents here feel that hosting this event puts the country at risk unnecessarily. It’s tough news for the IOC and other officials tasked with putting things on.

Money is now becoming even more of a serious issue. Japan’s government claims that the country has spent approximately $15.4 billion to host the 2021 Summer Olympics. Official audits, however, claim the Games will cost nearly $25 to host.

Could public opinion of this event change as it draws closer? Absolutely. There’s always a chance that with effective plans set in place, residents here will begin to support hosting the event. It’s too early to know how things will look just a couple of months before the Games begin.

There is likely to be increased media coverage of the Olympic Games over the next six months. Many are curious to see how things shake out. We’ll continue offering updates on the event as it begins to draw closer.

More Countries Force Sports to Temporarily Shut Down

The Olympics is far from being the only sporting event to face difficulties lately. Back in 2020, some of the world’s biggest sports leagues were shut down for months. It wasn’t until summer that the sports world truly began getting back to normal.

Recently, several more countries began ordering their sports leagues to shut down. That includes the United Kingdom. This country entered into a strict lockdown last week and has not allowed any sports to officially resume.

There is reason to be optimistic, though. The British Boxing Board of Control recently announced that boxing events can resume in mid-February. That opens the possibility for several massive UK bouts to take place later this year.

Each state in the US is taking its own approach to getting things under control. Some are having more success than others. There is fear that if things get worse, another major sports shutdown similar to the one seen in March could be set in place.

The sports industry is facing a difficult road. We may even see Japan decide to cancel the 2021 Olympic Games in the near future. That would be a massive blow to the thousands of athletes scheduled to attend.

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