Net Neutrality to Make a Comeback

With the presidency of Donald Trump coming to an end, expectations are that Net Neutrality will return with the appointment of a new Chairman of the FCC. The current Chairman, Ajit Pai, is a Trump appointee. He has announced that he is leaving office by January 20th, leaving a legacy of higher internet prices.

Pai helped to destroy Net Neutrality during his time at the helm of the FCC. And, as predicted, ISP costs to users have gone up since that time while performance has remained stagnant.

Net Neutrality is the principle that all traffic on the internet must be treated equally. It requires internet service providers to prohibit slowing or blocking access to websites, and it prohibits companies that control internet access from favoring their own services and content over a competitor’s content or services.

It also prohibits broadband companies from offering “fast lanes” to online companies who want their services and content to be delivered faster than that of a competitor.

The new Chairman of the FCC is expected to restore all the protections at Pai helped to remove. You can read more at ZD Net.

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