Online poker in the cards for North Dakota? – CDC Gaming Reports

North Dakota voters may get to hold ‘em or fold ‘em if the Legislature puts a constitutional amendment to legalize online poker on the ballot.

Rep. Jim Kasper, R-Fargo, introduced on Jan. 14 House Concurrent Resolution 3012, which would put a measure to allow the internet game on the 2022 general election ballot. If the measure is approved by the Legislature and gets a simple majority from voters, the state Constitution would change, and the process of how to bring online poker to North Dakota would begin.

“The country is just going more and more into gaming online,” Kasper said Thursday, Jan. 21. “Let’s not leave North Dakota as one of the few states that doesn’t allow it.”

Kasper said he played poker as a kid, but he became interested again when he saw the World Series of Poker on TV in 2003. It wasn’t the typical five card draw he knew. Instead, it was Texas Hold ‘em, which became increasingly popular in the 2000s.



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