Popularity of Progressive Jackpots on Online Bingo Games

Jackpot is a term in Online Bingo games that allows players to make huge wins and exposes them to the biggest possible winning combination. There are different types of jackpots, and one of the most attractive is the progressive jackpot.

Its value depends on the ticket sales and the particular bingo site’s contribution. These jackpots lead to the top payouts in bingo games, and they increase in value over time as more money goes into the game.

Progressive Jackpots Explained

The progressive jackpot begins at a particular amount, but increases as more players start to purchase the tickets. A certain percentage of ticket sales adds to the value of the jackpot. The progressive jackpot also grows as the game lingers on without a winner.

So, if the rounds keep ending without any player winning the full house, the jackpot will keep on increasing in value. The progressive jackpot loses the accumulation and starts from the initial value when a player covers the full house and wins the prize. Topbingo sites are automatically set to show the progressive jackpot’s current value in real-time. Be warned though, if you use a welcome bonus or deposit bonus, you may not be able to use it on progressive jackpot bingo games.

Players must meet some criteria before becoming eligible to participate in the contributing games. Bettors have to ensure that the Bingo game comes with a progressive jackpot as the games with regular jackpots are usually more popular than those with progressive jackpots.

These jackpots are only available within a certain number of calls, and this figure usually depends on the game. You may need to check the game details before starting it.

Types of Progressive Jackpots in Bingo Games

There arethree types of progressive jackpots: stand-alone, local, and wide-area or linked. The first type, the stand-alone progressive jackpot, is only valid for one bingo game, and it only increases in value by players buying tickets to that specific game. This progressive jackpot is the smallest in value, but a player stands the highest chance of winning.

The local progressive jackpot is found in bingo games that connect with other bingo games on the same site. This second type is effective in multiple bingo games within the same bingo site. These progressive jackpots are more mouth-watering than the first one, but there is a lower chance of winning.

The wide-area progressive jackpot is the biggest in Bingo games and has to do with multiple bingo games over a congregation of bingo sites. It develops out of players’ tickets from different Bingo sites, but some sites also offer proprietary progressive jackpots unique to the particular site.

Progressive jackpots are a very easy way of winning a large amount of cash for the cost of a regular bingo ticket. Most times, players need real cash to access the progressive jackpots, and not with just free Bingo games. There might be some exceptions for some sites that are really in need of more players, but this is hardly the case.

These progressive jackpots play a large role in raising the excitement and anticipation level in Bingo rooms. They are not limited to these games as they also exist in online blackjack, video slots, Caribbean stud poker, and several other games.

Progressive jackpots fundamentally make the prize pool more exuberant for players in Bingo games. Features like these, along with no-deposit bonuses, make Bingo sites increasingly popular, and here’show to choose a good one.

Most times, the winner of the progressive jackpot does not receive the entire amount. There is usually a kind of fair-play arrangement called ‘community jackpot’ that splits a part of the other players’ progressive jackpot pool.

Some Bingo sites usually have withdrawal limits that will make a player take all the wins from a progressive jackpot. In other cases, the winning prize from the progressive jackpots is paid in installments.


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