Predictions and Picks for WWE Extreme Rules – The Horror Show

WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020

WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020

The WWE is not letting the current pandemic stand in the way of providing Americans entertainment in the form of powerslams and facebusters.

Although they ceased live events for a while, the production company has since moved its shows to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, where hired audience members, in lieu of live fans, fill the stands. Matchups are taped beforehand and aired based on the production company’s released schedule.

On July 19th, the WWE presents you with The Horror Show at Extreme Rules via pay per view. The event features several matchups worthy of commentary. Betting odds in this post are courtesy of

Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins: Eye for an Eye

Wrestler Odds
Seth Rollins -150
Rey Mysterio +110

This matchup is perhaps the most interesting due to the eye for an eye stipulation. Yes, that is correct. The victor must extract or severely injure their opponent’s eye.

The stipulation is a gruesome concept, but remember that WWE is very staged. According to sources online, the production company will utilize CGI to create the eye-gouging phenomena.

In other words, no one is really losing an eyeball. Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room, let us move on to who is allegedly wearing an eye patch for the rest of their lives.


Word has it Mysterio is no longer under contract with any of the wrestling production companies. If Mysterio is unable to renew his contract, it is highly plausible this is the last we will see of him.

In Mysterio’s backstory, he suffered an eye injury in a matchup against Seth Rollins back in May. If the WWE plans on saying adios to his character, they will render him completely blind via eyeball gouge on Sunday night.

The WWE press release mentioned, “With Rollins attempting to replicate the same brutal ocular assault on Dominik, Mysterio promised to get ‘an eye for an eye’ from the devious Superstar.” Many storylines and potential outcomes have been proposed by avid fans and commentators.

Below are the top 3 I think are most feasible.  

Storyline #1

Dominik is Mysterio’s son. Mysterio’s loss would allow the long-time wrestler to retire while setting Dominik up for a great narrative: the son who is avenging his father’s honor. There is a plethora of content that can be extracted from that plot. 

Storyline #2

There has been some talk of Mysterio attempting to renew his contract with the WWE. If he renews his contract, this could mean that he will stick around to mentor his son in the ring. This could be a solid but much softer storyline than the first option.

Storyline #3

Rollins recruits Dominik to his side in exchange for Mysterio’s eye. This may seem a little outlandish, but it is the WWE. What do you expect? In this case, it sounds like Rollins would sacrifice his own eyeball in exchange for Dominik’s allegiance.

The third option is the most exciting plot twist. If Mysterio truly is renegotiating his contract, this gives him a reason to stick around. The amount of angst and turmoil the WWE writers can create by trading Dominik to the other side is endless.

Since writers always need content, I say this Sunday, Rollins is losing an eye. Take Mysterio +110.  

Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt: Wyatt Swamp Fight

Wrestler Odds
Bray Wyatt -150
Braun Strowman +110

The surprises continue in this lineup as Strowman challenges Wyatt to throw down in the swamp. While this matchup does not contain a fight for a title, it certainly allows the WWE to continue producing more cinematic style events, much like the Boneyard Match.

These two wrestlers, like many others, were once friends who have now turned against one another. In this case, Wyatt brought Strowman into the family. Strowman later left the family and struck out on his own.

Wyatt is clearly upset by that. There is nothing like a little family betrayal to spice up the plot line. There is more to the story, though.

Strowman has gone on to win a bunch of titles, and he has lived a very fairy tale version of the wrestling life. On the contrary, Wyatt suffered an injury that has left him out of the ring for over a year now. There is probably a little underlying jealousy there. With Wyatt well rested, can he win the match?

“Giri reports that the match will be a non-title match in order for Wyatt to pick up the win as one of the ‘Three Faces of Wyatt.’ This will then lead to a championship match at SummerSlam that will see Strowman take on The Fiend.”-

The Three Faces of Wyatt include: Firefly Funhouse Wyatt, Eater of Worlds Wyatt, and The Fiend. The Fiend was by far the most popular of all the Wyatts. With a loss under Firefly Funhouse Wyatt’s belt, Eater of the Worlds Wyatt must win the next match if WWE wants to resurrect The Fiend vs. Strowman face off.

Aside from securing a future battle, the swamp is Wyatt’s home. He has home court advantage. Can Strowman really win in the swamp? He was adopted into the swamp family. He does not have the same knowledge or attachment Wyatt does to the swamp. 

This matchup is a no brainer. Take Bray Wyatt for -150.  

Asuka vs. Sasha Banks: Winner Takes All

Wrestler Odds
Asuka -300
Sasha Banks +200

There is not much of a storyline behind this lineup. Essentially, Banks challenged Asuka to a fight. The setup is extremely straightforward.

The excitement in this lineup stems from the brand names at stake and the winner takes all stipulation.

Both fighters belong to different brand rosters. Banks belongs to the Smackdown roster while Asuka belongs to the RAW roster. The defeated will risk shaming their brand.

According to, “WWE has been breaking the brand extension barriers in recent times and this match is yet another proof of the same.”

If defeated, the loser will shame their brand and lose their title. That is right. The winner will take both titles, hence winner takes all. There is a lot at stake in this matchup. 


Asuka was originally slated to perform in a planned event called “The Triple Threat.” The event was postponed when Charlotte Flair took time off for an elective surgery.

With Asuka’s high-profile status, WWE had to find someone with the same level of popularity to be a worthy opponent. Enter Sasha Banks.

They picked Banks because she has a strong following. They also knew they could create hype around her quest for a double championship, an honor only one other female wrestler holds.

Like Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins, there are many possible storylines here, including Banks receiving help during the matchup from her tag team teammate. At the end of the day, it is about ratings.

Which wrestler will pull in the best ratings? It is hard to say. Both women have a strong following. However, Asuka edges Banks out by half a hair.

While Banks’ pursuit of the double title is hype-worthy, WWE will not want to make double championships a “thing.” If too many wrestlers can obtain double championships, the exclusivity of the title is diminished. 

Asuka for the win.

Final Tap Out: Pick Recap

The Horror Show promises to be an interesting card and performance. Between the unique winner takes all and eye for an eye stipulation, audiences will surely feel engulfed in the wrestling shenanigans.

Strowman vs. Wyatt: all signs point to Wyatt winning the matchup. The payout is not anything to write home about, but you will win money betting on Wyatt.

Asuka vs. Banks: winner takes all. Payouts again are not great on this. This bet is more of a 50/50 shot. It is better to save your money to put towards Mysterio vs. Rollins.

Mysterio vs. Rollins: if I only had money for one matchup, I would bet it here. The payout is not amazing, but Mysterio is not favored to win. Picking Mysterio secures you a little extra cash.

The Horror Show will take place on July 19th at 7pm EST. It will be aired on Pay Per View. If you plan to bet on it, be sure to check out the top betting sites to see what’s on offer.

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