Question about Comps with NO Player's Club Cards?

I always use to get a free meal comp at the Indian casino near Hayward WI without a player’s card. On my blackjack trips to the Hole in the Wall casino I would always stop and play at the Hayward casino for a couple of hours. It was a good stopping spot after driving across desolate WI highway 77.

There was a very nice Indian pit boss who always remembered me. I would always ask him when are you going to get double deck. Then I would tell him I have to continue on down the road to double deck heaven. I would play like an hour or two at his casino and then ask for a free meal. All he did was ask for my name and I would only give him my first name and that was enough. He was a great guy. He even explained to me once that they have H17 instead of S17, but that H17 was worse for the player. At the time they offered 4 deck blackjack which wasn’t a bad game. Heck, haven’t played their since 2013.

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