Since short term variance is always unpredictable, how can one guarantee that for each individual it will always even out in the long run?

In other words, its possible that someone could run bad for their entire life. Its obviously extremely unlikely, but far from impossible. In the short term anything can happen. But every day is in essence, just a short term. There is no guarantee whatsoever that the perfect player with perfect basic strategy, perfect counting, playing a 3 to 2 game with decent rules, and doing perfect deviations, while wonging out at -1 or worse will win in the long run. Variance is just too crazy.

I suppose tho that if you have at the very least 100k, that would be enough to eventually turn the tides in your favor. But anything less than that and your risk of ruin is at the mercy of variance. Its still gambling even if you are the perfect optimal player.

All this being said, my local casino has singledeck but it pays out 6 to 5 and you can only double on 10 or 11 and cant DAS. I started counting recently and have had decent results when I stick to it but I’m not ahead much if at all Id say after maybe 100 hours.

The minimum bet at this game is $15. How much MINIMUM of a bankroll do you think I need to really make this work, or is it even possible to beat this 6 to 5 game? I suspect that it is possible but the EV is not very high. And a problem I seem to deal with is idiots jumping in and out of the game, it seems more difficult to get on a nice run that way as opposed to when its just me at the table going from one hand to 2 when it gets to +2 or better.

I would like to just win 250 a day and leave. How much would you say is necessary to make that happen?

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