Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily Questions – 6/20/20 (Saturday)

Foxbet is offering a super boost for soccer tomorrow, Bayern Munich, Dortmond and Arsenal Parlay at +1000

BetMGM is offering a boost for Leicester and Arsenal at +500

I wanted to figure out if these were good bets or not so what I did was plug their posted odds from each site into a no vig calculator to see what the payouts would be without juice.

Remove Vig from 3-way Odds Such as Soccer and Hockey


Brighton +200 to +217, Tie +235 to +254, Arsenal +135 to +148.5

Bayern Munich -400 to -292, Tie +476 to +517, Freidburg +900 to +973

Liepzig +125 to +140, Tie +260 to +284, Dortmond +190 to +209.5


Watford +250 to +268, Tie +260 to 278.5, Leicester +105 to +115.5

Brighton +200 to +216, Tie +240 to +258, Arsenal +135 to +147.5

The second numbers are the true payouts with out a house edge (vig)

Then I plugged their no vig payouts into a parlay calculator

For Foxbet I got Bayern Munich, Dortmond, Arsenal at +932.5 so +1000 is a good bet.

For MGM I got Leicester and Arsenal at +433.36 so +500 is a good bet.


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