These 5 little-known things may stop you winning the lottery today

Ignore this chart. It’s one of 5 ways that will make you lose.

When lotteries show frequently won or popular numbers – like the graphic above, they’re playing on your ignorance.

And it’s wrong…

Because there are many lottery rules that seem logical, but are not. Luckily Silverites (owners of my System) don’t have to worry about them.

But if you ever have any doubts, this list should help.

Players who use any of these following strategies are doomed to lose:

#1. If they go to a lucky lotto store which has sold many winners.

There’s no such thing as a lucky store. It is simply a place where more people have bought their tickets than anywhere else. When one store gets more winners than another, it’s usually because they have more customers, and the win percentage is higher because of that.

#2. If they use hot and cold numbers to make up their tickets.

Some players have discovered that there are popular lottery numbers which appear in almost every draw. And also that there are some numbers that never appear. Some lotteries even show these numbers on their websites, but they should never be used. Because no matter how many draws, every ball combination that emerges from the barrel on draw night is there for the first time. 

#3. If they use QuickPicks.

Silverites know the uselessness of QuickPicks. But there’s another reason. Read this from the Powerball FAQ: 

“…more than one person can receive the same quick-pick numbers. Quick-picks are randomly generated by the terminal at the retailer and there is no central computer that is controlling their generation.”

This means your number could be duplicated dozens of times, and that means sharing your prize with many other players. Not a good idea.

#4. If they change numbers because the ones they are using don’t work.

The secret of the Silver Lotto System is that you stick with your numbers at all times. That’s because there are so many variables in the lottery that by pinning one of them down – your numbers – you are immediately ahead of all other players.

#5. If certain numbers always appear in the winning combinations and they always include them.

This is a fallacy, like hot and cold numbers. Numbers don’t have a memory, they all appear at random times. The Silver Lotto System has ways to reduce the losing numbers, but it’s not by including any often-used numbers.

There’s a lot to know about winning the lottery. Luckily you don’t have to know anything.

When you buy the System, all those calculations are done for you:

If you have PRO, just transfer the numbers to your tickets and you’re done:

No more worry.

Just follow the LottoPredict instructions each week and look forward to your wins!

Hey Ken, Since you told me I should get the Pro I’m now winning every time and its great. I got $7,500 in one draw but also got $200, $550 and $1000 often. When you told me I could play all the time that has made the difference.
Jeff W.

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