Three Promos To Watch: Unibet Freeroll; Daily Leaderboards, and Flip to Victory!

Three Promos to Watch

Three Promos to Watch

It’s that time of week again where PokerNews goes through the current crop of online poekr promotions with a fine-toothed comb and brings you details of three value-packed promos to get involved with.

This week’s Three Promos to Watch features offers from Unibet Poker, partypoker, and GGPoker. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

This Special Freeroll Could Yield €40,000

Unibet Poker and PokerNews enjoys a great relationship and that allows us to invite you to a special freeroll on June 20. The freeroll has €1,000 worth of prizes waiting to be won, from Unibet Open satellite tickets up to €50 HexaPro tickets.

You sit down at 7:00 p.m. on June 20 with 3,000 chips and play to a blind structure starting at 15/30/4a. Those blinds increase every four-minutes, so you’re not going to be sat grinding away for hours on end. Here are the prizes you can get your hands on:

Place Prize
1 2x €50 HexaPro tickets
2 2x €50 SNG tickets
3-6 2x €25 Unibet Open satellite tickets
7-9 €25 HexaPro ticket
10-12 €25 SNG ticket
13-15 €25 Unibet Open satellite ticket
16-21 €10 HexaPro ticket
22-27 €10 SNG ticket
28-33 €10 Unibet Open satellite ticket
34-39 €5 HexaPro ticket
40-46 €5 SNG ticket
47-57 €4 Unibet Open satellite ticket
58-72 €2 HexaPro ticket
73-86 €2 SNG ticket
87-100 €2 Unibet Open satellite ticket

Finishing in the top two spots gives you the chance to win €40,000. The top prize pool multiplier of the €50 HexaPro boosts the prize pool to €50,000! A whopping 80% of this would go to the winner, 12% to the runner-up, and 8% to the third place finisher. Turning a freeroll into €40,000 is the thing dreams are made of, let’s hope you realise those dreams.

You’re invited this this special freeroll

partypoker’s Cash Game Leaderboard Are Now Daily

The Cash Game Leaderboards at partypoker are massive with more than $1 million paid out every month. They recently switched to daily payouts instead of weekly and this is great for everyone involved.

Daily leaderboard give more partypoker players the chance to win some of the big prizes. Recent cash game leaderboard winners interviewed on the partypoker blog revealed they spend the entire week on an intense grind. Not everyone can dedicate a week to playing poker, so it’s more likely they’ll be able to set aside 24-hours to try and secure a prize.

There are 16 different leaderboards to compete in, eight for No-Limit Hold’em and eight for Pot-Limit Omaha. These are split based on the stakes played for, so micro-stakes players aren’t battling with high stakes players for a share of the spoils.

With a top prize of $1,200 up for grabs, the new daily cash game leaderboards have the potential to be extremely profitable. Why not jump in at the deep end today?

partypoker’s cash game leaderboards are now paid out daily!

Play in a $10,000 All-In or Fold Flipout Tournament Daily

Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam and GGPoker’s All-In or Fold cash games are perfect for doing exactly that. As the name suggests, these cash games take place on tables where your only betting options are to fold or raise all-in. The action is frantic to say the least.

Playing 100 hands of All-In or Fold in a single day gives you access to a special Aof Daily Flipout tournament. The size of the tournament’s prize pool you play for depends on the stakes you played your 100 hands at.

*Event Tournament Time (BST) Stakes Required Hands Prize Pool
AoF Daily $10,000 Flipout 08:15 $5/$10 100 $4,500
AoF Daily $10,000 Flipout 08:15 $4/$8, $2/$4 100 $3,000
AoF Daily $10,000 Flipout 08:15 $1/$2, $0.50/$1 100  
AoF Daily $10,000 Flipout 08:15 $0.25/$0.50, $0.10/$0.25 100 $700

Add this promotion to the several others running at GGPoker and its $600 welcome bonus and you can easily see how easy it is to boost your bankroll at the site.

Flip your way to a share of $10,000 daily

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