Two Michigan scratch-off winners from the same county win big

One of them almost fainted

By Kate Northrop

LANSING, Mich. — A 30-year-old Michigan resident nearly fainted after discovering that he won not $1,000, but $4 million from a $30 instant scratch-off game.

“When I scratched the ticket, I thought I had a $1,000 winner because I got a slip that said to contact the Lottery,” the lucky winner said. “As I looked closer, I saw the ‘4MIL’ symbol, and I almost passed out.”

The player from Macomb County chose to remain anonymous when claiming his top prize at Lottery headquarters in Lansing. He decided on taking the lump sum payout that came to about $2.5 million after taxes. The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-Eleven convenience store on Dequindre Road in Sterling Heights.

It certainly came as a shock, but what is even more satisfying is that he is the first winner of one of the coveted top three prizes of $4 million from the $4,000,000 Cash scratch-off lottery game. Two more top prizes remain, along with 22 out of 40 second-tier prizes worth $10,000 remaining in the game.

Since the scratch-off’s launch in February 2020, players have won over $65 million playing the game, with more than $85 million left in prizes to claim.

First and foremost, the winner said he plans on buying a new home with his prize winnings and will invest the rest.

‘Accidental’ $2 million win

Miraculously, this was not the only recent instance of a Macomb County resident catching a lucky break. A stop at a gas station to refill tires led to another man “accidentally” winning $2 million.

“I stopped to put air in my wife’s truck tire, and I needed some change for the machine,” the other anonymous winner recounted. “I went in to get change and asked for a $10 Lucky 7’s ticket. The clerk handed me the $20 ticket by mistake.”

At the point the clerk realized the accidental switch, he offered to exchange it for the ticket the player wanted in the first place, but something told him to keep it. He was definitely glad he listened to his gut since the slight blunder earned him a top prize worth $2 million.

The winner also decided on receiving a lump sum after visiting Lottery headquarters, taking home about $1.3 million. He purchased the winning ticket at the BP gas station on East 10 Mile Road in Eastpointe.

The 57-year-old Maycomb County player also won the first of three available top prizes, this time for the $2,000,000 Lucky 7’s scratch-off game. 8 out of 20 second-tier prizes of $10,000 remain for players to claim.

As if the two winners weren’t similar enough, this player also plans on buying a new home but will save the rest.

The $2,000,000 Lucky 7’s game was first made available in December 2019. Since then, players have won at least $54 million playing the lottery game, with more than $44 million in prizes remaining.

Players interested in trying their luck at the $4,000,000 Cash or $2,000,000 Lucky 7’s scratch-off games can visit any of the 10,500 retailers across the state of Michigan.

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