Use this quick trick to find out how much to spend on lottery tickets this week


You’ve filled out your tickets from the Silver Lotto System. But the power bill just came in and you’re a bit short this week.

No problem. Here’s a quick way to work out how much you can spend on your next game. This is what you must do:

1. Number your tickets. When you filled them out from the Silver Lotto System, they were in order. So go through them all and number each one from 1 onwards. Write these numbers on the back of course!

2. Cost out the tickets. Figure out how much each ticket costs to play. If you’ve got 6 boxes on a ticket, and each box costs $1, there’s $6 a ticket.

3. Set your budget. Let’s say your budget is $20 for the next game. Peel off the top 3 tickets you marked 1, 2, 3. At say $6 each, there’s $18 for the three. And you’ve got two bucks left for parking!

IMPORTANT! When you come to play the next game and your budget is higher, make sure you still use the numbered tickets in the same order. Examples:

  • For a $30 budget, you’ll be using the first 5 tickets numbered 1-5. (5 x $6 = $30)

  • For a $60 spend, use the first 10 tickets numbered from 1-10. (10 x $6 = $60)

Remember, you MUST play the same tickets each time, always starting from ticket no.1. That’s how the System works.

Enjoy your game, and Win Big!

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