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Vegas News July 19, 2020

TravelZork Las Vegas NewsTravelZork Las Vegas News
TravelZork Las Vegas News

It looks like COVID-19 ain’t going away quickly so we’ll start the Vegas News once again with a brief update. According to White House data, Nevada is a hot zone and Las Vegas is in particularly bad shape. You can read about the recommendations here and as always see the current data here.

Casinos aren’t in danger of closing…yet. After all, where will people go to gamble their COVID relief money? Similarly, people with COVID need an escape, so why not just go to Vegas? Last week at least 123 people visiting Las Vegas “tested positive for the coronavirus while visiting the state in recent weeks or shortly after returning home.” You can read about that here.

Lastly, you can read about how reopening Las Vegas has gone here. It ain’t pretty.

COVID Vegas Quick Hits

Here are some Las Vegas news nuggets that are related to COVID-19:

  • The Tropicana says the property will be opening on Sept. 1. See the tweet here and restaurants that will be open here.
  • It looks like the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Las Vegas will reopen in late August. Read more here.
  • Vdara is open! Read more here.
  • The Garth Brooks sold-out concert at Allegiant Stadium on Aug 23 hasn’t been canceled yet. Read more here.
  • Station Casinos is reopening some of its poker rooms on August 3. Read more here.
  • Wynn Las Vegas and The Venetian are limiting where you can smoke in their casinos. Read more here.
  • The Great Santa Run is a wild Vegas tradition. Unfortunately, it’s going virtual this year. Read more here.

New Caesars Coming Soon

As we mentioned last week, this should be a big week for the Caesars merger with Eldorado Resorts. Well, it was and the deal is two more steps closer to completion.

Eldorado Resorts received approval from the horse racing commission in Indiana and can move forward operating casinos in the Hoosier state. On Friday, Eldorado Resorts received approval from the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to move forward with the acquisition of Caesars. 

The merger of Eldorado and Caesars has now been approved by the Federal Trade Commission and all states where New Caesars will operate. Now its time for the companies to dot the I’s and cross the T’s to make this deal official. You can read a wrapup of the deal from the Associated Press here.

Here’s an example of the final details that have to be dealt with. This week Eldorado announced a recent vote (June) on the merger by Caesars shareholders. The deal should become official as soon as next week or as late as next month. There’s still a lot of work to do merging two large corporations. Expect lots of rumors over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated on official items or rumors that seem plausible (unlike the rumor of the week). 

Resorts World Las Vegas Theater

The Theater At Resorts World Las Vegas

The show must go on! Resorts World Las Vegas announced details about the 5,000 capacity theater at the still under construction casino-resort this week. Yes, it’s a strange time to announce an entertainment venue. Las Vegas casinos aren’t currently featuring live entertainment in its theaters for guests to watch in person. 

Timing aside, the name of the theater at Resorts World will be “The Theater.” This is a development project between Resorts World Las Vegas and AEG Presents. Specifically, the venue will be operated by Concerts West. The company represents Céline Dion, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Roger Waters and Justin Bieber. Keep an eye on residency announcements over the next year. Rumors are already swirling.

The venue itself sounds like a great place to see a show. It will have one of the largest and tallest stages on the Las Vegas Strip. The Theater stage will be 64-feet deep by 196-foot wide for a total of 13,550 square feet. Think about the square footage of your house for reference of how large this is.

Audiophiles will probably appreciate the audio system that’s comprised of 265 speakers. This should offer a unique multi-dimensional surround sound experience.

Billboard has more information about the theater and Resorts World’s plans. Maybe we’ll be able to gather in large groups again when the casino opens next summer.

Rumor Of The Week: So Long Mirage, Hello Mets

The rumor starts with Sheldon Adelson buying The Mirage and the New York Mets. His master plan is to implode The Mirage, build a baseball stadium on the Vegas Strip, and move the Mets to Las Vegas.

This week The Killers announced that their new album “Imploding The Mirage” will be available on Aug. 21. They also dropped a video for the song above. 

Who’s having fun?!

I’m not a fan of The Killers but understand their appeal to others. Having said that, I have an amazing memory of this band from before I moved to Las Vegas.

The Killers were performing during an afternoon party at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, TX during SXSW. This is an amazing venue to see a show and I was lucky to be invited. I was at the party for another band but showed up early to enjoy free Shiner Bock and BBQ

The memory is fuzzy but in my mind, The Killers were playing their boring jams under a cloudy sky that started to clear up towards the end of the set. At this time the band brought out a choir to perform the chorus of “All These Things That I Have Done.” (I got soul, but I’m not a soldier)

This song went from background noise to a phenomenal experience that captured my attention for a few minutes. This is the only memory I have from their performance. It was a magical moment and I still get chills every time I hear that song. 

I have a lot of memories tied to music. I recently shared some of the amazing Vegas memories I’ve had over the years and the songs that stir up those experiences. You can read some words and listen to the mediocre casino jams here.

Related: Sheldon Adelson was rumored to be part of a team buying the Mets last week. Later that day, he used his newspaper to confirm he isn’t buying the Mets. 

Quick Hits – Vegas News

Las Vegas is still open and things are still happening! Here’s some more Vegas news for you to peruse.

  • MGM Resorts says the company is committed to Cirque du Soliel. Read more here.
  • My notes say check out something about Derek Stevens loans. Read more here.
  • Betfred will operate the sportsbook at Virgin Las Vegas when it opens later this year.  Read more here.
  • William Hill will take over CG Technologies sportsbooks next month. Read more here.
  • Your information is being sold if you were part of the most recent MGM Resorts data breach. Read more here.
  • For some reason, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is in talks to buy the monorail. Good thing there’s nothing important for the tourism company to spend its money on. Read more here.
  • A new company may begin operating the casino at the Westgate. Read more here.
  • South Point and Westgate are removing the option to wager on a baseball game only if the listed pitcher starts the game. This isn’t a big deal for most but something to know. Read more here.

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