We Need Another Roosevelt

Do crazy times call for crazy measures? Like Will Rogers said, if stupidity got us into a mess, why can’t it get us out? And there were fascists around, then. We need to wake up. Men aren’t sheep. Why am I writing like I’m on a soap box? Why not?

I think these are the kind of bad times that would get any liberal thinking, we need another Roosevelt. And I don’t mean Teddy.

I think these are the kind of times that could make anyone with some sense of civic responsibility, consider, soberly and judiciously, the weaknesses of capitalism, and just how much regulation, and what kind of regulation it can take, to make it stronger.

These are the kind of times people think about socialism and fascism. Could be worse, but not good.

These are the times to think.

And vote. Not just one, both.

When it’s too late for the primary, the show’s not over. We should treat it that way.


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