Why Are There No Vegas Online Casinos?

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Many casinos in Nevada are still either shut down or operating at limited capacity. Now players are starting to wonder why there are no Vegas online casinos. And in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, what’s the future of cashless gaming?

Nevada could regulate online casinos. And, it’s highly likely that the state will regulate Internet casino games at some point, eventually join online poker sites in providing gambling entertainment to state residents. The law that legalized and regulated online poker in the state also allows for Vegas online casinos and only requires the authorization for Nevada lawmakers.

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Hello players! How the hell are you? Thanks for streaming another edition of This Week in Gambling, where in a world of growing Coronavirus concerns there’s now talk of cashless casinos! But up first it’s this week’s big story!

Many Nevada casinos are still closed because of the pandemic, and the ones that are open are operating at limited capacity, This has led to several emails and some comments on our videos from players wondering if and when Las Vegas casinos will ever go online.

Believe it or not, regulated online gambling in America has been doing very well in the face of this crisis. In fact the Golden Nugget online casino recently reported record revenues for quarter two of this year. The only problem is that was for New Jersey! You see online casino games are legal in the state of New Jersey. And despite what you may have heard or thought, online casino games are not legal in Nevada.

Online poker is legal in Nevada. Online sports betting is legal in Nevada. But not casino games. I hear you out there: Why? Why? Why would Nevada lawmakers regulate internet poker and internet sports betting and not internet casinos? In a word: “Cannibalization”. That is they believe (they fear) that somehow online craps and slots and blackjack are going to cut into the profits of their land-based casinos.

The thought that someone would pay good money to fly all the way to Las Vegas just to sit in their hotel room and play casino games online is absurd. And you would think that now… in this time of global crisis… it would be perfect to regulate online casino games. In fact, Nevada lawmakers could allow internet casinos to operate any time they wanted to because the same law that allowed the regulation of online poker also made provisions for online casinos . But the truth is none of it even matters.

You see, in order to play at a Las Vegas online casino you would still have to be physically located within the state’s borders so unfortunately the best chance for most of us Americans to actually play at a real online casino is that the state we’re living in regulate the activity or that through some miracle the federal restrictions on playing across state borders are removed other than that i guess you could move

As our world adjusts to a new normal there’s increasing chatter among players and casinos alike about cashless gaming. More on that in just a moment… up first, we have a brand new game review for the Battle for Cosmos. This is a five reel 30 payline slot from GameArt. There are free spins, wild and scatter symbols, a gamble feature and a bonus round. You can find the full review and hundreds more when you visit our YouTube channel.

And finally this week we all know that cash is dirty right yeah so in the midst of this pandemic there has been an increasing interest among players about cashless casino gaming. And if players are interested, you know casinos are interested. A recent study found that over 85% of casino players surveyed said they wanted cashless gaming due to COVID-19 concerns. Three-quarters of players said that they would take advantage of cashless options if casinos would make them available!

Well, several casinos all across America and in Las Vegas are working on cashless technology right now so who knows pretty soon they might not even take cash at casinos that means that every transaction you conduct down to the penny could be electronically traceable yeah. i believe the phrase you’re looking for is be careful what you wish for you just might get it.

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